First Class Free. Mats Provided. View class schedule here.

Class Descriptions (in alphabetical order)

Candlelight Restorative/Nidra
Relax and pamper your tired muscles and spirit. Restoratives are meditative poses in which the body is supported with props and held for extended periods of time. Both soothing and regenerating, restorative poses help bring balance to our demanding lives. We will end the class with the stillness of Yoga Nidra, which uses breathing exercises, body awareness, and guided visualizations to heal the body and mind on the deepest level.

All levels. (prenatal, beginner and first-timer friendly.)

“FAC” $5 drop in for non-members (members welcomed)
End your week right with our Friday Afternoon Connection. This style builds heat, flexibility, and strength, while maintaining focus on good alignment and sound structure. Come move and bring awareness to your body with this all levels class.
Flow & Go
This 45 minute class is designed for new or seasoned yogis and aligns breath with movement – cultivating strong bodies and calm minds.This engaging class will leave you feeling energized for the rest of your week. The last ten minutes will be spent in savasana (rest).
Heated Core Flow & Go

Start your day warm and ready with a heated flow. In this 45-minute class we’ll build your foundations from the ground up! This is a class built around the 4 foundation poses; staff pose, mountain pose, downward facing dog and corpse pose. Alignment is emphasized with mindful transitions. We encourage the use of props, especially blocks to engage core.

The studio will be heated to 85 degrees which enhances vasodilation (of the blood vessels) so more blood is delivered to the muscles. This allows oxygen in the blood to detach from the hemoglobin more easily and speeds up the breakdown of glucose and fatty acids.

All levels welcome.

Lectio Divina (Restorative)
Lectio Divina presents an ancient Christian tradition of prayer that nourishes and deepens one’s relationship with God through reading, reflecting, responding and resting in the Word. Although the physical postures are secondary to this practice, there will be given suggestions on full restorative positions to enhance your experience of relaxation. No experience is required. There will be time set aside for you to journal if you so choose.

All levels (prenatal, beginner and first-timer friendly)

Mid-week Meltdown
Come to experience all around healing of the body and Spirit. We begin the practice by using basic breathing exercises and encouraging scripture reading. Then we move into a delicious deep and mindful practice in which we stay on the floor and hold various poses for 3-4 minutes. This allows the body to slowly unwind and goes deep into the connective tissue.

All levels. (prenatal, beginner and first timer friendly).

Mind-Body Flow
Using a refreshing and energizing blend of flow and yin, this class begins with an all levels gentle flow style movement to bring warmth, breath and awareness to the body then transitions to a deep and soothing Yin centered practice where postures are held in a passive and longer fashion. The extended period of time spent in each Yin posture gives the muscles, connective tissues, joints, ligaments time to relax and elongate reaching a new level of circulation, flexibility and openness.

All-levels (prenatal, beginner and first-timer friendly).

Morning Bliss/Gentle Yoga
A gentle, flowing practice infused with some grounding yin postures to get you “blissfully” started with your day! Although this isn’t a rigorous practice, you’ll stretch and increase your range of motion with adaptations available for various levels of practice.
A dynamic, invigorating practice that uses breath control techniques to flow from one pose to the next. As the breath and body flow together as one, internal heat is generated and begins a process of purification. Regular practice cleanses the body, stills the mind and promotes great energy.
Rest and Restore
Sink into stillness with this yummy blend of yin and restorative yoga. Yin yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with postures that are held for longer periods of time. Restorative yoga uses props to support the body and facilitate relaxation. | All levels(prenatal, beginner and first-timer friendly).

All levels(prenatal, beginner and first-timer friendly).

Stretch & Restore
Release and re-energize the body while quieting the mind. Stretch & Restore is a class that everyone needs – athletes, advanced practitioners, first time yoga students and everyone in between. This class begins with longer-held poses, targeting the connective tissue, promoting healthy joints and flexibility. Then, indulge in restoration to calm the mind, relieve stress in the body and release tension by using props in restorative poses. This class ends with an extended savasana with scripture in the form of Centering Prayer/Breath Prayer, Lectio Divina or guided meditation.   
Vinyasa Flow

Come focus and synchronize your breath with this invigorating flow class. Adjustments and modifications are given. Through intelligent sequencing you will strengthen your mind/body connection while deepening your strength, balance and focus. || All-levels (prenatal, beginner and first timer friendly)


Warm-Core Flow

Build your foundations from the ground up! This is a class built around the 4 foundation poses; staff pose, mountain pose, downward facing dog and corpse pose. Alignment is emphasized with mindful transitions. We encourage the use of props, especially blocks to engage core.

All levels.