Transformation & Harmony With The Enneagram

Understand and apply personality principles to your life

Hosted by Studio 4:8 Yoga with Kristin Esser

Have you struggled with understanding how you fit into the world around you? Do you desire stronger relationships and to view the world with more empathy? 

Dive deep into the characteristics of each number in the Enneagram and identify who you are through this workshop. Discover areas you can transform by appreciating YOUR number.

Through an introspective approach, this workshop will help you know yourself better, and, in turn, better appreciate those around you and how to read them.

Kristin Esser will utilize the Enneagram and use a unique approach to move from purely theoretical discussion into practical application.

She’ll provide comprehensive teaching on the ancient test describing 9 personality types and facilitate supportive group discussion to process what’s learned. 


By understanding the Enneagram and how it applies to your life, you’ll better interact with your circle of influence. Utilizing your unique personality type will also give perspective on how you are YOU – uniquely made. 


A short restorative yoga session will end the final workshop session.



Early bird registration: $135, non-members | $125, members

Early bird pricing ends Dec. 31. After, price increases $15.

Spots are limited! Register early! Registration closes January 10.


January 2021
17th, 24th, 31st

2 – 4 p.m.

 in-person, Studio 4:8 Yoga

Please plan on attending all sessions; they weave together. Thank you!

Materials to bring:

  • Enneagram test (not required but encouraged ), read through the results. Tests are $12 via
  • Yoga mats, blankets or other items to be comfortably seated for a few hours 
  • Pen, paper/journal


Masks are not required, but are left up to each individual.


Kristin Esser is people loving, passionate student of life. 
Her passion for life leads her to help people discover who they are and how to live their best life through self-discovery.


Using the Enneagram, she loves to show others how the personality tool can help them view the world with more empathy and strengthen their relationships. She encourages everyone to be themselves at their core – and the Enneagram is the perfect resource for this.


Kristin’s passion comes from meeting God at the lowest part of her life, raising and advocating for her children through an anxiety disorder and an Autism Spectrum diagnosis. She has battled her way through life learning all she can about her family and those around her so that they might live their best lives. 

Born and raised in the Chicago Suburbs, Kristin made Nebraska home 3 years ago. She homeschools her two children, Jonathan and Emily. The adventures never cease at home with their dog, cat, chickens and duck Lucy. She is an avid coffee drinker, loves to make anything from scratch and has always eaten ranch with her pizza—making her a true Nebraskan! 

Refunds are not available for events/workshops as your payment reserves your spot, and the teacher is paid for your spot whether you are in attendance or not. Credit may be given for another workshop of equal or lesser value on a per-case basis.