Gather: to bring together and take in from scatter sources.

Join us at our various events throughout the month below! Both in studio and out in the community.

At the Studio & In the Community

Transformation & Harmony With The Enneagram

Understand and apply personality principles to your life

Have you struggled with understanding how you fit into the world around you? Do you desire stronger relationships and to view the world with more empathy? 

Dive deep into the characteristics of each number in the Enneagram and identify who you are through this workshop. Discover areas you can transform by appreciating YOUR number.

Through an introspective approach, this workshop will help you know yourself better, and, in turn, better appreciate those around you and how to read them.

200-Hour Yoga Training – Yoga Alliance Certified

Our 2021 training registration is CLOSED.

This teacher training will provide Christ-centered learning in an intimate setting for individuals of all levels and beliefs. As Lincoln’s only faith-based studio, we will strive to empower growth in the mind, body, and spirit.

With a 200-hour certification from Yoga Alliance, you will be enabled to take your ministry of yoga to the community. Our training will be designed to take you out of your comfort zone and into growth. When you join our training program, you will not only be signing up for an adventure but a community.

Refunds are not available for events/workshops as your payment reserves your spot, and the teacher is paid for your spot whether you are in attendance or not. Credit may be given for another workshop of equal or lesser value on a per-case basis.