Gather: to bring together and take in from scatter sources.

Join us at our various events throughout the month below! Both in studio and out in the community.

At the Studio & In the Community

Join us for our first Wellness Connection, a Studio 4:8 Yoga Member Perk ✨
Sunday October 2nd
1 – 2 p.m.
Please join Erinn Criner from Layers of Wellness in an informational meeting on Colon Hydrotherapy.
*Studio 4:8 Yoga Members Only
Please RSVP, if you’re 100% committed to attending – email
These programs will focus on connecting people with resources and supports to live healthier lives.
What is Colon Hydrotherapy?
Colonic irrigation, also called colon hydrotherapy or colonic, is perhaps one of the most effective colon therapies. Within a short passage of time a colonic can eliminate large amounts of trapped waste that may have taken many years to accumulate. During a 45-minute session of colonic irrigation, purified water is used to gently flush the colon. Through gentle abdominal massage old deposits of mucoid fecal matter are loosened and subsequently flushed out by water through a waste tube.
Meet Erinn
Born and raised in Nebraska, Erinn has always had a passion for helping people. Over the last ten years the scope of helping people has grown from the workplace into their homes. Her family
has experienced multiple healings with various modalities. When her girls were young, she
found the importance of removing toxins from their home; looking at ingredients of food and
personal care and cleaning products. Their family started to slowly learn and replace. From there, their wellness journey has grown. They learned a variety of methods to clear emotions and find new ways of taking care of their bodies.
Through their wellness community, friends shared with Erinn Colon Hydrotherapy. At first, she was leery. It sounded odd but fascinating. She was intrigued and had to find out for herself. After her first session, she felt amazing. After her second session, she started researching how to become certified so that she could help people on their healing journey. It felt like she was meant to do this, and the last 10 years of our journey was all in preparation to tie it together.
After researching. schools and instructors, and much prayer, she found an incredible I-ACT instructor just 7 hours away in Boulder, Colorado. He and his wife poured their life’s work into Erinn. They shared their decades of experience with Colon Hydrotherapy, and also allowed for her body to continue its own healing journey.
Erinn feels blessed to bring Colon Hydrotherapy services to Lincoln at her office, Layers of Wellness.

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Next Wellness Connection – Faith Lautenbach, Holistic Nurse and Health Coach 

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Mommy & Me Yoga with Laura

Sunday, October 16
2 – 2:45 p.m.

Join us for 45 minutes of special bonding time with movement, yoga and deep breathing. A practice dedicated to connecting to your body, and your little one.

Come feel good to move, breathe and tune in…

And a bonus to hang with other mamas (and their minis) in a beautiful space.

Session will include care for mom with yoga that is good for postpartum care, interaction between mom and baby, and baby massage.

*Studio 4:8 Yoga Members Only
Please RSVP, if you’re 100% committed to attending – email

Interested in joining Studio 4:8? Email us!

 200-Hour Yoga Training 

This teacher training will provide Christ-centered learning in an intimate setting for individuals of all levels and beliefs. As Lincoln’s only faith-based studio, we will strive to empower growth in the mind, body, and spirit.

With this 200-hour training, you will be enabled to take your ministry of yoga to the community. Our training will be designed to take you out of your comfort zone and into growth. When you join our training program, you will not only be signing up for an adventure but a community.

As an advocate and member of Christian Yoga Association, our qualified lead trainers teach from a Christ centered curriculum.


Refunds are not available for events/workshops as your payment reserves your spot, and the teacher is paid for your spot whether you are in attendance or not. Credit may be given for another workshop of equal or lesser value on a per-case basis.