Pricing & Packages


Please be sure to check out our re-opening page with our cancellation policy, safety guidelines and important information for attending classes.

You can view our schedule here:

Once you click “book now” for the first class you’d like to attend you’ll be prompted to login/register as a new student.

Once logged in you’ll be prompted to “buy a new product.” Simply purchase the membership option that best suits you!


Auto-Renew Policy


As a convenience for our members, Studio 4:8 Yoga offers an Auto Renewal program. When you enroll in the program, we’ll store your credit card in a secure database and charge you automatically each month from your purchase date.

You will be notified if your account payment fails to authorize for any reason. If not addressed within 24 hours, a $5 late fee will apply. If a valid payment is not made within 3 days of the original payment date, a $5 late fee will apply.

By enrolling, you’ll be saving us resources and ensuring your membership never lapses so you won’t miss out on special benefits! If you wish to leave the program at any time, you must simply email 30 days prior to your renewal date.

Studio 4:8 believes everyBODY should have access to yoga regardless of finances. We offer a sliding fee scale or work exchange program for those that qualify. Inquiries email