Open Studio Time 

Enjoy thirty minutes of sacred space dedicated to you easing into your weekend in a way that feels good for you. You get to decide how you spend this quiet time (legs up the wall, journaling, meditation, prayer.)

Our sweet studio is home for so much energy, love, connection, and movement. It is also a sacred space where the intentional acts of contemplation, quietness, and reflection invite you to step away from the busy pace of life simply to be and exist. 

Be still and know. 
Join Shaina from 9:15 – 9:45 am on the Saturday mornings she teaches. The studio will be cozy with morning sunshine, the tea kettle ready, and quiet music. 

The door will be locked during this time and will open at 9:45 to transition to 10am class. 

**You don’t have to stay for class if you only want to utilize the class for quiet prayer time. 

This class is taught by:

Shaina Adams

Shaina Adams

200-RYT Studio 4:8 School of Yoga Graduate

Practicing yoga creates space that allows us to pause to acknowledge the beauty in our breath. Space gives us permission to wonder how we can hold things a little more loosely. My journey with yoga has encouraged me to seek out the moments where things feel a little bit lighter and a little less overwhelming to me and in turn, hold space for those around me to do the same.


Yoga allows us to show up as we are and tune in, and sometimes it is nice to do that in community with others. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be part of the Studio 4:8 family, where showing up, having faith, and figuring it out together are part of the daily routine.