Vin-Yin Yoga

Vin Yin Yoga, also referred to as Yin Yang Yoga, is a yoga sequence that combines Vinyasa Yoga and Yin Yoga. This is normally done with Vinyasa as the first half of the sequence and Yin Yoga as the second half. The Vinyasa portion warms the body up and rids your body of excess energy. After this, your body is ready to relax and lengthen during the Yin Yoga portion.  Come to experience breath, flow, balance and stretching to release in our mind, body and spirit anything you’ve held onto throughout your day.  

All levels. (prenatal, beginner and first timer friendly).

This class is taught by:

Laura Anderson

Laura Anderson

Lead Instructor - 200-hr E-RYT , Certified in Restorative and Yoga Nidra

“I have done yoga for almost half of my life. As I began my yoga journey it was the physical aspect of yoga as well as mental that attracted me. I had no idea that my yoga practice would take me to such a deep personal relationship with God. It improved my focus, ability to hold prayer and space. As I continue along my journey and deepen my faith I’m happy to share what I have learned and where I have come from. I feel I can truly relate to people on all yoga levels, as I have been on them. My style of yoga is Vinyasa Flow and I enjoy the creative freedom that I bring to my practice. I love to sprinkle in some fun. The freedom to express my faith through yoga is something that I cherish about this studio.”

Laura lives in Lincoln with her husband Kristian, their five children, two cats, and pug puppy named Joy. She loves all kinds of music, reading, and travel.
Shaina Adams

Shaina Adams

200-RYT Studio 4:8 School of Yoga Graduate

Practicing yoga creates space that allows us to pause to acknowledge the beauty in our breath. Space gives us permission to wonder how we can hold things a little more loosely. My journey with yoga has encouraged me to seek out the moments where things feel a little bit lighter and a little less overwhelming to me and in turn, hold space for those around me to do the same.


Yoga allows us to show up as we are and tune in, and sometimes it is nice to do that in community with others. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be part of the Studio 4:8 family, where showing up, having faith, and figuring it out together are part of the daily routine.