All about that GRACE

“All About That Grace”


Walk into just about any store this week and you’re going to get bombarded with shiny red hearts and pink flowers. Valentine’s day is coming up quick and to share the love all month long, I’ve got this idea for our Studio 4:8 family. And it includes little bags. And well…I’m pretty stoked about these, and here’s why;

Phase one:

-The next time you are at the studio, grab one.  Fill it with some (or all) of these suggested items; travel size hand sanitizer, toothbrush, toothpaste, water bottle, protein bar, gloves, hand-warmers, kleenex, chapstick, and the most important item; a hand-written note from YOU.  This note could be a simple encouraging quote, scripture or whatever you feel the need to share.

2-Bring the filled bag back to the studio (preferably within a week)

Phase 2

-You are invited to take one or two filled bags out into our homeless community.  You can keep in your car and maybe the next time you see someone standing on a corner, take 30-seconds, roll down your window offer your blessing of this gift as well as your smile. Also, If you spend time downtown, there are always folks down there.

I would love to have 25 of these “grace-bags” filled and distributed by the end of February.  The month of Love.

Go and be the light!