Committing to Your Practice for 2024

a note from Bonnie, owner of Studio 4:8 Yoga 

As each new year begins, we make resolutions to develop healthy habits and create positive change in our lives. As yogis we aspire to establish a consistent yoga practice and spend more time on our mats. Committing to practicing yoga has numerous benefits for our physical and mental health but developing a regular yoga practice takes time and it can be a challenge to make it to our mats consistently. 

Here are 5 practical tips for committing to your yoga practice in 2024. 

  1. Set a measurable goal. So many times we begin the year saying to ourselves, “I will go to 5 classes/week.” Inevitably, life happens (typically the 3rd week in February) and we may fall short, leaving us feeling defeated. Keep it within the boundaries of your life (even if it’s just once/week). Unrolling your mat once/week is better than none.
  2. Create a calendar appointment. Keep it just like you would a hair appointment, doctor appointment, massage etc…If anything interferes, don’t be afraid to say “No.”
  3. Plan ahead. Put your calendar out before you every Sunday, and make a plan for your week.
  4. Share your plan with others. Accountability goes a long way!
  5. Finally, celebrate small victories. At the end of each month treat yourself to a lunch out, tell your accountability buddy how you succeeded for the month. Don’t be afraid to celebrate YOU! 

Let’s make 2024 an amazing year. And please, let us know how we can support you on your yoga journey. 


Resolution One: I will live for God. 

Resolution Two: If no one else does, I still will. 

– Jonathan Edwards