At Studio 4:8, instructors are the core (next to Jesus of course). Without instructors, there would be no classes.

Without classes there would be no studio. Each class is different, just as each instructor is different. Different styles, flows, poses, modifications, cues–all classes AND instructors are beautiful, thoughtful and caring.

Our instructors at Studio 4:8 could use their time teaching at our studio and go teach at other places. Read: they could be at better paying and larger studios, gyms or even spas. Still, our instructors choose to teach here. Each time they show up 100 percent and give pieces of themselves and their hearts to you, our members. Sometimes no one shows up to a class. Sometimes we’re booked full. Either way, our instructors are there faithfully.

This choice to serve is what living Christ’s kingdom is about.

We are the kingdom.

Yes, we are in the yoga business. This business is a cross-cultural community which is predominately eastern religion driven. But, at Studio 4:8 we shift the focus to being (holy) spirit driven where Jesus should be glorified.